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Review: Discoverdale


It's very rare that a mockumentary comes along that does something different, that makes you sit up and take notice quite like Discoverdale does.  A refreshing take on the rock mockumentary, Discoverdale will especially appeal to those who remember the 80's hairband era, in particular Whitesnake.  But it's not exclusive to that crowd as the film is downright hilarious no matter what your particular choice of musical genre.

A fly-on-the-wall film crew follow cult Comedy Rock Band 'Dead Cat Bounce' on a desperate quest across Europe to reunite lead singer Jim with his long lost father, who he believes is the legendary rock singer and Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale. Crossing Ireland, England, Norway & Denmark the band follow the Whitesnake Forevermore tour across Europe. They've got no money and no idea what they're doing - just blind faith that one day soon Jim will be sharing a jacuzzi in a 5 star hotel with the Dad of his dreams... and hopefully some hot Asian chicks. 

Featuring Dead Cat Bounce (Demian Fox, Shane O'Brien & James Walmsley) Discoverdale is one of those films that comes along once every so often that makes you sit up and take notice and gives you refreshed view of a dull genre once more. This is primarily down to Dead Cat Bounce themselves, who are extremely charismatic and their personal chemistry is a joy to behold.  The best way to describe Dead Cat Bounce would be if Anvil & Spinal Tap had a love child, they would be the product. Harry Hill & Phil Jupitus discuss their fandom of DCB in their own particular style during brief on screen cameos.  A real hit on the Edinburgh fringe, DCB have long been an established act and they take their opportunity to take their own particular brand of rock to the masses with both hands and Discoverdale is the perfect vehicle to do it with.

The film itself made guerrilla style with (Up until the films conclusion at least) David Coverdale not having any idea what's going on, which only adds to the hilarity of the proceedings.  When finally he is in on the plot, Coverdale turns out to be absolutely excellent and steals the film away from the DCB boys in just a few lines.  Not only a Rock Legend and a UK crown jewel, but now acting impresario as well!  

With a fantastic story, some very clever set pieces and a great soundtrack to boot, director George Kane & the production team have a film that they can be very, very proud of.  The direction is slick and some of the gags are for once actually laugh out loud funny.  The films soundtrack will also have you seeking out a Dead Cat Bounce gig near you too (Yes they are a real band).  

Currently the film has no UK distributor, but as fast as it is sweeping up all the awards on the festival circuit this is very likely to change in the near future.  The sooner the better too.  So if it is on a festival line up that you can get to (It's scheduled for the East End Film Festival in , make sure you make a beeline for what will be the most talked about indie comedy of 2013, Discoverdale.

Matt Bourne
Matt Bourne Owner/Editor

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